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Let’s Us Talk About Jai Lakshmi Private Finance in Chennai

Started as a Private Finance Mediator – Growth Took Us To Become Private Financiers in Chennai & Tamilnadu. We Are a Group Of People Who Finance our own fund for our clients for reasonable Interest Rate’s. We know every corner of this Business. 5-8 Years Back Private Finance was Really a Good and Reputed Business Model in Chennai, not only in chennai – all over India

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Change Your Perception Get Private Finance in Chennai
The Below Article is For People, Who Need Private Finance in Chennai

In my Experience, I saw lot of clients who waited for long time even one or two years for raising funds from private financiers. For Some Clients Private Financiers fund it just like that and for other’s they don’t fund

Market Situation, almost 50% private financiers left Business, 40% of Private financiers do Short Term Fund – which is cheque basis without security and Balance 10% is the real financiers who fund against your property.

Since we have a vast Local private financier network in chennai, we all know the Interest rate is normally between 2% to 3% per month.

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Make Your Mind Clear Before Going Behind a Mediator:

I have seen lot of business people gone mad because of this concept – And it’s a tricky thing, This madness are created only by Mediators to the clients.

The Following ways tells you how not to get trapped by mediators who tells you the following things to mesmerize you.

1) You can find Mediators in nook and corner of Chennai Streets who tells you that they can organize 10 Cr’s to 1000 Cr’s without Property.

2) But the worst thing is mediators tell you that they have a third party collateral for your Business. But in real scenario no one gives you their own property for others, unless it had some legal issues or the property is locked in the bank. So Believing Third Party collateral is completely a hoax

3) There are numerous ways you can organize funds in a practical way. If you don’t have property, go for the Unsecured basis private finance in Chennai for less interest rate with long repayment schedule.

4) Never Believe in 20 or 30 paise private finance, because no one is interested to give loan which is lesser than bank rate of interest.

5) Mediators tells you that these less private finance is totally black money or unaccounted money, as a private financiers ourselves we never saw any black money or unaccounted money in this Chennai private finance market.

6) Even some Fake private financiers in Chennai will make you to believe that these falsehood information are true. Never ever believe those private financiers.

7) Mediators claim that private financiers will maintain secrecy in every action, technically Private financiers all over Tamilnadu maintain good relationship with clients and there is nothing to hide about secrecy. These tactics are developed by mediators not financiers.

8) Never pay any upfront fees to financiers, if a private financier asks you for an Upfront Fess believe me he is not a private financier.

9) Private financiers will not ask you for any upfront fees, they will ask you to prepare legal valuation report and other documents by your own. They always wanted legal opinion from panel advocates not from normal people.

10) Raising Private finance in Chennai and TamilNadu is not an easy task; there are lot of formalities for raising them.

Advantage of Private Finance in Chennai
  • Private Finance Documentation is lesser compare to Banks or Non-Banking Financial Corporations.
  • Clients get immediate Funding.
  • Hassle free Process.
  • You can repay your loan amount at any time i.e You can pre-close the funds at any time.
  • Profile Rejection Clients , and People who dont have proper income proof will go for Private finance.
  • Clients can raise Even Unsecured Business Loan i.e Cheque Basis Finance in chennai for a short Period of time than any financial medium, It will take only 24 48 hours for Funding Disposal. Click Here for Cheque Basis Private Finance.
  • Private Financiers doesn’t bother about your past Credit History, If you have property He will Fund you the money as quick as possible.

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 Private Finance in Chennai For Third Party Collateral

90% of Private financier in Chennai Stopped Third Party Collateral funding. Because the Property which they surrender is filled with Litigation. So Finding the right property for your Business is important. But the best part here is , You cannot find the right property without litigation or Legal Problems. Always Remember “No One Is going to give their Own property for your Development

Cheque Basis Finance

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Cheque Basis Finance Chennai:

Cheque Basis Finance is the fastest way to raise funds for your business, jai lakshmi loans will organize funds for your business within 24 to 48 hrs. We are linked with all cheque basis financiers in chennai & Tamilnadu. We never encourage short term funds, that is our ethicality and we always concentrate on Low Interest Rates. So Organizing Funds for Your Business is now easy. Just call us and give your details for detailed cheque basis analysis. Wishing you all the very best for your future business development.

We are Linked with 85% of Cheque Basis Financiers in Chennai & Tamilnadu

Cheque basis finance in chennai is an alternative source than banks. You will get immediate funding for your business. Just give us 24 hrs, your finance will be ready.

Why Cheque Basis Finance:

  • Immediate Funding
  • Flexible Repayment
  • No Processing Fees & Upfront Fee
  • No Matter What your Credit score is.
  • No Documentation
  • Emergency Purposes

Why Not to Choose Cheque Basis Finance:

  • High Interest Rates
  • Short Repayment Schedule

We always tell clients not to take Cheque Basis Finance Twice, because of interest rates. There are Substitution’s for Cheque basis funding. You can raise Business Loan easily – Not a Big Deal if you are Struck with bank rejection, If we prove to banks or nbfc’s about our Credit Worth or Credibility, we can raise loan from them. There is nothing like manipulation or creating false bank statements. Just Click here and Learn how to increase that credibility. For more Awareness Click here on how to increase your CIBIL SCORE.

Required Documents:

  • Last Six Months Bank Transaction
  • 1 Yr IT
  • Cheques for EMI
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Mediators Tells you these below words to Convince You – Don’t Believe It and Give Your Property
  • The Business profile will have a perfect turnover.
  • The Business will have high profit.
  • The Business which come to us goes for lot of feasibility study by the panel auditors and Credit managers.
  • After passing these feasibility study, we select the companies and give your property to them, Either as a Housing Loan and Third Party to the Business.
  • The sharing percentage increases and you get huge benefit out of it
  • Don’t worry about your property, it will be pledged only with bank not to any private financiers.
  • Instead of keeping your property idle, give your property to other reputed business and earn a interest free loan as a reward.
  • Panel Auditors check their statements and books of accounts
  • Corporate Strategist check their company profile for futuristic plans and approve.
  • Stockist check the company stocks and approve it
  • Advocates check the company’s legal entity and approve it