Top Companies on Private finance in chennai and Tamilnadu:


Jai Lakshmi is one among the best and Fast growing Finance Companies chennai who never charge any upfront Fees from the Client, From the whole network of private finance business, we are only few Companies never receive advance fees from Client.

Services Jai Lakshmi Does to Clients:

* We Help our Clients to raise Money from bank as a personal Loan, Home Loan , Mortgage Loan etc., and We do have our own DSA and DSE for Banks and Private Institution. No Matter you have low cibil score we can organize fund for you and your business

* Jai Lakshmi Arrange finance for business

* We Concentrate on Both Domain SME and CORPORATE FINANCE.

* We Organize Loans For Cibil Defaulters | Clients With and Without Income Proof Statements.

When Clients come to us We always wanted our client to get recovered from there Financial Crunch, taking full money bags from Financiers or From Bankers.

Third Party Collateral

• Third Party collateral – Given By a Third Party Person for your Business –  Upto Certain Limit Third party collateral is accepted by the Private Financiers for raising finance.

How To Overcome Third Party Collateral Frauds 

Mediators Tells you these below words to Convince You – Don’t Believe It and Give Your Property
• The Business profile will have a perfect turnover.
• The Business will have high profit.
• The Business which come to us goes for lot of feasibility study by the panel auditors and Credit managers.
• After passing these feasibility study, we select the companies and give your property to them, Either as a Housing Loan and Third Party to the Business.
• The sharing percentage increases and you get huge benefit out of it
• Don’t worry about your property, it will be pledged only with bank not to any private financiers.
• Instead of keeping your property idle, give your property to other reputed business and earn a interest free loan as a reward
• Panel Auditors check their statements and books of accounts
• Corporate Strategist check their company profile for futuristic plans and approve.
• Stockist check the company stocks and approve it
• Advocates check the company’s legal entity and approve it

90% of Private financier in Chennai Stopped Third Party Collateral funding. Because the Property which they surrender is filled with Litigation. So Finding the right property for your Business is important. But the best part here is , You cannot find the right property without litigation or Legal Problems. Always Remember “No One Is going to give their Own property for your Development”

Private Finance in Chennai Network

Jai Lakshmi  uses its entire Private Financiers network all over TamilNadu. We Basically, Group of Financiers who wanted an ethical Private Finance company in Chennai. From the inception of our Company, We satisfied Hundreds of Customers and their Needs in and around Chennai, since our business model is unique and ethical We Don’t take Any Upfront Fees from Clients and Mediators for Our Service.